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Woolcomfort-Soft Gold Alpaca Fleece 100% Alpaca Wool Quilt Queen 500GSM

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Made from 100% Australian alpaca fleece – among the most luxurious and highly regarded fibres in the world!

Casing: 100% Luxor Cotton Fabric
Filling: 100% "Soft Gold" Alpaca Wool 500gsm

  • Provides the ultimate, first-class bedding experience.

  • Highly valued for its softness and fineness.

  • Renowned for its great strength and durability.

Wrap yourself in soft and luxurious 100% Alpaca Quilts for a sleep experience that is comfortable and warm all year round. 
Alpaca thrive in climates that are subject to extreme heat and cold. 
Not too hot and not too cold; Light as a Feather!

100% Premium Quality Original Woolcomfort Quilts in our Sydney Factory

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Product Description

Alpaca fleece is considered as one of the world’s finest, softest and high-quality fibres. Woolcomfort has come up with a proven and reliable process of combining these fibres to produce the Woolcomfort Alpaca Quilt. Its filling is made of 100% “Soft Gold™” Alpaca wool and is encased in a specially designed Luxor Cotton™ fabric. The resulting product is an alpaca quilt that’s amazingly soft and balanced with breathability and warmth – which provides the best bedding experience anyone can have.

Alpaca fleece is a natural fibre that’s collected from an alpaca. The fibres have fine, soft, sturdy, comfy and silky properties. Alpaca fleece is not prickly and is hypoallergenic as it doesn’t contain lanolin.

Alpaca fleece, once harvested, can be made into different products – from simple and economical garments made and used by local communities to classy, industrially made and luxurious products including quilts.

Advantages of Alpaca Quilt

Alpaca fleece is greatly valued because of its outstanding qualities, which make it excellent for beddings that’s unmatched by any fibres.

  • It's basically the warmest all-weather friendly fibre. The fibres from alpaca contain microscopic air pockets, which provides great breathability, thus keeping your body cool during summer.
  • The microscopic air pockets also aid in reducing the weight of the fibres, making them light as air.
  • Alpaca fibres are fine, light and silky. Even with the mentioned properties, the fibres are extremely sturdy and durable. With proper care, Alpaca apparels and products can last for several years and an heirloom for the next generations.
  • Alpaca fibres are soft, less prickly and irritating to the skin.
  • The fibres are also naturally hypoallergenic since it doesn’t contain dander and lanolin that cause an allergic reaction to the skin in some individuals.
  • The alpaca fibres don’t hold dust and are lanolin-free.
  • The fibres can resist acquired odours.
  • Alpaca fibres are washable.


The filling consists of 100% “Soft Gold™” Alpaca wool and is encased in a specially designed Luxor Cotton™ fabric to create a quilt that is at the pinnacle of comfort, softness and warmth.


About Woolcomfort

Woolcomfort started with the aim of becoming Australia’s leading producer of premium wool bedding products.

It is a 100% Australian owned and operated business with the highest levels of production standards and quality control. All of their wool quilts and alpaca quilts are made in Australia with 100% Australian Merino wool.

Their wool quilt factory is located in 193-197 Cumberland Highway, Smithfield NSW 2164. Their wool quilts are manufactured in Sydney locally, supporting Australia local wool farmers.

Size (cm)

Single - 140x210

Double - 180x210

Queen - 210x210

King - 240x210



For maximum hygiene, and to ensure your quilt retains its warmth and comfort qualities for as long as possible, we recommend that you machine wash your quilts monthly, reading the care instructions on the care label of each quilt before you do.It’s best to set your washing machine on the ‘delicate' or ‘gentle' wash cycle, and use a mild liquid soap to keep your quilt smelling fresh, and looking clean and white.