Wealthy Health-Maxi Liver Detox 120 Tablets

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The power of milk thistle in a capsule for a healthy liver!

  • Supports the liver and helps maintain the healthy digestive system.

  • Promotes normal liver function and assists in the healthy detoxification process.

  • Loaded with antioxidants to protect the body from harmful effects of free radicals.


Product Description

To a large extent, the health and vitality of an individual are determined by the health and function of the liver. Because of the important roles of the liver in numerous metabolic processes, even minor impairment can have profound effects on the overall health of a person. Wealthy Health Maxi Liver Detox has been formulated as a herbal liver tonic to be taken once daily with food to maintain healthy liver function and therefore help to maintain general well-being.

Milk Thistle also is known as St. Mary’s Thistle, has the botanical name Silybum marianum. It is a well-regarded liver protectant that also restores the liver's ability to detoxify harmful substances. Silybum marianum extracts are currently used widely in European pharmaceutical preparations for hepatic disorders. Silymarin is one of the most potent liver-protecting substances known. Silybum's ability to prevent liver destruction and enhance liver function is due largely to silymarin's inhibition of the factors that are responsible for the hepatic damage.


Active Ingredients

Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) Fruit, Dry   2.6g
Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Rhizome, Dry   1.5g
Cynara scolymus (Globe artichoke) Leaf, Fresh   1000mg
Thiamin Hydrochloride (Vit B1)   10mg
Riboflavin (Vit B2)   10mg
Nicotinamide (Vit B3)   15mg
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride   24mg
Equiv Pyridoxine (Vit B6)   8.92mg
Calcium Ascorbate Dehydrate   43.7mg
Equiv Ascorbic Acid (Vit C)   37.22mg
D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate (Vit E)   12.4mg
Taurine   150mg


Directions For Use

Take 2 tablets 2-3 times daily with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional. 
Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. 
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.



This product contains pyridoxine hydrochloride, which may be dangerous when used in large amounts or for a long time. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

About Wealthy Health

Universal Pharmaceuticals started its health supplements business in 1995 with first stand brand “Wealthy Health” specially formulated for a wide range of health problems.

Wealthy Health Products are manufactured under strict control code of practice GMP. They are created using world-class state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to meet the highest standard for machinery, procedures, and quality control.

Universal Pharmaceuticals work on the idea that high-quality supplements should be available at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy health and beauty. Universal Pharmaceuticals also began developing the purest organic honey, which is NASAA Certified and tested by a NATA accredited laboratory for free of pesticides and antibiotic to service the groups of people who enjoy the natural product for their awarding quality of life.

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