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Tasmanian Honey-French Lavender Honey 400g

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A delicate, rare type of honey you should try!

  • Has a sweet taste and a delicate subtle aroma.

  • Gathered from beehives in lavender fields which is abundant in Tasmania.

  • An uncommon type of honey.




About The Tasmanian Honey Company

From the ancient forests and gothic meadows of Tasmania come Tasmanian Honey Company's fine honey – pure, beautifully packaged honey that are free of additives and unpleasant agricultural and industrial activities to ensure that the flavour and health benefits of the honey remain uncompromised.


Product description:

French Lavender Honey is rarely produced outside France where lavender farms are abundant, but with the vastness of lavender fields in Tasmania beekeepers were able to collect and produce this type of honey in high quality.

It has a sweet taste with a subtle delicate fragrance which makes it the perfect sweetener for tea, milk, scones or as a substitute sweetener for vanilla sponge cakes.

Tasmanian French Lavender Honey is 100% genuine. No artificial flavors were added. Its consistency can easily be altered with change in temperature. Put the glass container in a bowl filled with warm water to soften or refrigerate to harden. 

  • 400 grams.
  • Product of Australia.
  • Made from 100% pure honey.
  • Unheated and unfiltered honey.
  • Comes in a reusable glass container.

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