Superfeast-Jing Adrenal Tonic 50g

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A potent tonic that helps improve stamina and adrenal health!

  • May help balance hormone levels.

  • May help support kidney and adrenal health.

  • May help enhance stamina and libido.


Product Description

Superfeat Jing Adrenal Tonic is an effective blend of “jing” (essence) herbs that have been used by Taoist herbalists. It is said to help improve kidney and adrenal energy, promote healthy hormone functioning and boost stamina and libido.

According to Taoist tradition, hormonal imbalance, fatigue and weakness are all effects of reduced levels of “jing”. This sustaining tonic will restore and ignite “jing” production while improving stamina and vitality.



Wild & Semi-Wild Prepared He Shou Wu, Semi-Wild Eucommia Bark, Cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4, Semi-Wild Morinda, Semi-Wild Rehmannia Root, Semi-Wild Dendrobium Stem Extract Powders


Serving Suggestion

Start with ¼ - ½ tsp daily.

Stir into hot water or plant milk for an instant tonic tea.

Works well in hot or cold drinks, broths and meals.



Independently tested. No added fillers or starches. Packed by weight, not volume.

If pregnant or breastfeeding please consult with your healthcare provider before adding these herbs to your diet.


About Superfeast

SuperFeast is based in the stunning NSW coastal town of Byron Bay in Australia that creates powdered extracts of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Their powdered extract is basically the end result of taking a bunch of herbs and boiling and/or tincturing them for a while. The powder comes about after the resultant extract is dried and pushed through an ultra-fine sieve. Their extracts are 10:1, which means it takes 10kgs of herb to make 1kg of our extracts. The SuperFeast team is made up of musos, artists, health nerds, yogis, surfers and - of course - their SuperDog Miki and SuperBaby Aiya (aka Putu or Papaya).

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