Sohum-Water Roses Eco Candle 340gm

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Sohum Water Roses Eco Candle is a refreshing scented candle that radiates notes of waterlily, iris, rock roses, violettes & pepperwood!

  • Uses wood wick instead of cotton for cleaner burn.

  • Permeates vivid fragrance that easily infuses into any spaces.

  • Burns up to 80 hours.


Product Description

Sohum Water Roses Eco Candle produces beautiful scent with its creamy botanical blend wax that will make your space filled with soothing and vibrant fragrance.

Sohum Water Roses Eco Candle is made from natural soy wax hand-poured in a beautiful and lustrous handmade semi opaque white vassete topped with a gold double glazed lid. It infuses a scent that has notes of waterlily, iris, rock roses, violettes and pepperwood.

It can burn up to 80 hours, has wick made from wood instead of cotton for a cleaner burn and excellent fragrance release.


What it’s made of:

Soy Wax

Cedar Wick


How to Use

Burn your candle until the wax pools to reach the edge of the jar when you first burn as this ensures your candle always burn evenly.

Trim the wick prior to each burn, simply by snapping the burnt out wick, leaving a remaining wick length of approximately 3mm.



Place candle on a heat resistant surface and never leave candle unattended.

Keep away from children, curtains and pets. 



Started way back 2003 in Melbourne Australia, Sohum’s mission is to create beautiful things that helps enhance life journey and recall distant memories. Fragrance impacts how people feel, how others feel about other people and how we live. For over 15 years, the company hopes to help shape new memories & are committed to continually perfecting their art, and continuing in their quest to find your new fragrance.

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