Shearer's Ugg Australia-Mini Single Button

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Made from 100% high-quality Australian natural merino sheepskin!

  • Comfortable - insole made for hours of walking.

  • Durable - handcrafted to last for years.

  • Flexible - can be worn with any outfit.

All Uggs are Made to Order by Hand in Sydney, Australia at 85 William Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010
Dispatch within 3-5 Business Days

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Regular Price: $376.00

Special Price: $129.00


Product Description

Do your feet ache after wearing boots the entire day? Are you in need of boots that can stand up to the rigours of your environment, can provide incredible comfort for long hours and at the same time stylish?

Invest in well-made boots like the Mini Single Button Boots from Shearer’s Ugg Australia. Handcrafted using premium quality Australian merino sheepskin, these boots provide cosy and snug fit and consistent comfort to your feet.

They feel like socks but are durable enough to endure any outdoor factors.  Their exceptional fleece insoles adapt to the natural contours of your foot, thus creating top-notch arch support.         

You can even wear these boots in winter or summer. During the cold months, the plush fleece of the boots provides an insulating layer by trapping body heat. During summer, the natural fibres of the fleece cool the feet by wicking away perspiration.

Never sacrifice proper fit and comfort. A poor footwear choice can lead to not only discomfort but injury one step at a time, particularly if you choose boots that constrain your body’s natural gait and cushioning system.

**Ugg boots are designed to be worn barefoot to maximise the cushioning and warmth provided by the merino sheepskin.



100% High-Quality Australian Natural Merino Sheepskin


Care Instructions

Protect your favourite UGG boots with UGG protector to keep them looking new.

For best results, clean your UGG boots with UGG cleaner & conditioner prior to application.


Size Chart

4 25 x 9
5 26 x 9
6 27 x 9.5
7 28 x 10
8 29 x 10

About Shearer's Ugg

Shearer's Ugg is the iconic brand name of Ugg Original Pty. Ltd., an Australian Ugg boots manufacturer for over a decade. Based in Sydney, the company began making sheepskin products in 1988 before specializing in the manufacture of high quality ugg boots. UGG means Australian Sheepskin Boots.

UGG boots became popular among shearers in the 1920’s. In the colder months the shearers would take a piece of wool from a dead sheep carcass and wrap it around their feet  to keep them warm. They  referred to them as UGLY BOOTS. Good old Australian slang shortened  “Shearer’s  ugly boots”  to UGG boots. Thus, UGG  boots date back  as far as the 1920’s in Australia.

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