Goldmily-Instant Milk Powder for Students 1kg

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Natural dairy goodness for students!

  • A rich source of calcium and other essential nutrients.

  • Perfect for growing and active students.

  • From 100% pure organic cow’s milk.

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Product Description

Goldmily's instant milk powder for students is made from the separation of whole milk with the evaporation and spray drying. 



Cow's Milk, Vegetable Oils, Lactose, Whey Protein Powder, Cream, Lecithin, Vitamins, Minerals, Inositol, Taurine, Alpha-Linolenic Acid M Lutein



Place 3 cups of water (preferably cold) into container. Add 1 cup and stir lightly with fork to speed up dissolving. Approximately 750ml of reconstituted liquid milk results.

For richer flavour and extra nourishment, use additional powder to suit your personal taste or preference.

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