Bosisto's-Eucalyptus Oil 175ml

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A potent essential oil that has a myriad of valuable uses!

  • Can be used as an antiseptic,  relieves colds and flu.

  • Helps relieve muscular and arthritic pain.

  • Can also be used in office and household environments.


Product Description

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil has been a household favourite in Australia for 150 years. It is made from premium quality pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil. It’s unique clean aroma is strong and can last for longer period of times compared to other eucalyptus oil brands. Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil has a number of uses, from treating colds and flu, relieving muscle pain, first aid uses to various office and household uses.


Active Ingredients

100% pure pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil.

**No artificial additives, aromas or flavourings are used.


How to Use

Personal Uses:

Head Cold and Flu

As an inhalation to help relieve coughs and colds, add 15 - 20 drops of the oil to a bowl of steaming hot water and inhale vapour covering head with a towel. Sprinkle a few drops on a handkerchief to make it easier to breathe.

Children's Colds

Gently massage the oil on to the child's chest and back to help clear air passages and make it easier to breathe. For very young children, dilute the oil with an equal part of olive oil or other vegetable oil.

Arthritic or Muscular Pain, Sprains and Strains

Gently massage into affected areas until a sensation of warmth is felt. Use before exercise as a warming, soothing liniment to loosen muscles.

Insect Bites

To get quick relief from the pain of insect bites, apply directly to site. Do not rub in.

Bath and Foot Bath

Add to bath water to invigorate and give a feeling of well-being. A teaspoon in a foot bath gives comforting relief to sore and aching feet.

Hand Cleaner

Excellent for cleaning hands and skin of unpleasant smells. Particularly useful to eliminate meaty and fishy odours and for people handling grease or oil.


Add to give your sauna a fresh clean bushland fragrance. Add to water for splashing on hot stones or around sauna.

Adhesive Bandages

Dampen adhesive bandages and sticking plaster with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil for an easy and painless way of removing from the skin.



Always read the label and use only as directed. 

If symptoms persist see your doctor.


About Bosisto

Founded in 1852 by Joseph Bosisto, it is the oldest and most respected heritage brand that remains 100% Australian owned. The market leader in quality, experience and innovation. Bosisto's has always been, and will remain, 'first in eucalyptus'. Bosisto’s has continued to innovate over the years, creating natural products which help make life easier at home, for your health and beyond.

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