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Quick Ways to Lower Your High Blood Pressure

Sunday, 12 June 2016 6:40:00 pm Australia/Sydney


1.6 billion of the world’s population is suffering from high blood pressure. The number of patients is expected to increase by 60% by 2025. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a dangerous disease because it often goes unnoticed until the symptoms begin to cause serious damage. If you are concerned about being diagnosed with Hypertension, there are some natural ways you can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the chance of getting it.


Common Causes of High Blood Pressure

1.  Smoking: Nicotine present in cigarette smoke shrinks the arteries and veins, which raises pulse levels and increases blood pressure levels.

2.  Being Overweight or Obese: Being overweight can stress your heart and other organs, weakening heart muscle activity.

3.  Stress: Despite the fact that it is not a direct reason for high blood pressure, anxiety can also trigger physical stress, People who suffer from stress and panic disorders put a strain on their hearts that weaken them in the long run.

4.  Excessive Salt Intake: Salt contains sodium and chloride. The sodium can cause excessive water retention that can become the cause of high blood pressure.

5.  Alcohol: Drinking one to two drinks of alcohol regularly can potentially cause an increase in blood pressure.

6.  Low Physical Activity: People with low physical activity have been shown to have 3-4 mmHg higher blood pressure than active people.


Natural Ways of Preventing High Blood Pressure


Many natural foods, supplements and home remedies can help you out in reducing and managing high blood pressure. These remedies are

1.Black Tea: Studies shows that people who drank three cups of black tea a day experienced a reduction of blood pressure of 2-3 points.

2.Ginkgo  is a living fossil and food source that has its own classification. It is a unique tree that has many uses and is considered a safe supplement to use for a variety of disorders. Ginkgo helps to treat blood pressure because it encourages circulation of the blood and remedies blood disorders. Ginkgo also repairs cell damage and is a strong antioxidant.

3.Cod liver Oil: Contains fatty acids that prevent the clotting up of blood and can also reduce inflammation and pain.

4.Olives/Olive Oil: Similar to Cod Liver Oil in which it contains fatty acids which decrease cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

5.Garlic: is an age old remedy for virtually everything. It produces a chemical called Allicin which makes it work for many conditions related our blood and heart like treating high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Make sure you add your garlic towards the end of cooked meals to prevent overexposure to heat which will damage nutrients and reduce the benefits of garlic.

6.Vitamin C : A simple way of increasing your Vitamin C intake is to just eat some fruits or veggies every day. You can get plenty of vitamin C through foods like broccoli or spinach. You do not have to always eat citrus fruits like lemon and oranges if you do not prefer their taste. You will find vitamin C to be especially beneficial if you are suffering from plaque buildup around your heart or other parts of your body as vitamin C breaks down harmful arterial plaque.

7.Lecithin: prevents coronary damage and lessens existing damage to the heart. As well as healing the heart lecithin benefits every cell in the body. You can also buy lecithin in liquid form and add it to smoothies and other raw foods. Like vitamin C, lecithin, prevents cholesterol and other types of fats from clinging to arterial walls through lubricating the arterial walls.

Simple Lifestyle Changes

On top of the natural foods, supplements and home remedies, here are some simple lifestyle changes should be made to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your chances of being diagnosed with hypertension:

1.Modify your lifestyle and try to reduce your weight.

2.Perform regular exercises, mainly aerobic exercises that helps boost your metabolism.

3.Reduce your daily alcohol drinks.

4.Modify your eating habits especially reducing your daily salt and sodium intake.

5.Cut out smoking if possible.

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