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Natural Ways to Prevent Kidney and Liver Cancer

Sunday, June 12, 2016 6:37:07 PM Australia/Sydney


Kidney and liver cancer are conditions that are caused by environmental factors such as eating habits, exposure to pollution and stress. Our kidney and liver have the functions of filtering toxins from our systems HOWEVER, in our modern society these organs tend to get overworked .Here are some things you can do every day to prevent your organs from sustaining damage

1.  Detoxifying Drinks

When going about your daily life, a simple daily dose of lemon, ginger with honey added in your water will help to flush your kidneys and liver of any toxins that have built up over time.

Another way is start by drinking plenty of filtered water and incorporating specific organic vegetables into your diet for about a week, also making sure you have sufficient sleep.

Organic vegetables include beetroot, carrots, turmeric, garlic, asparagus, brussel sprouts and spinach. They all help boost liver and kidney detox and assist the detoxifying enzymes that help flush out toxins of our body.

Then find a source of organic apples and juice them. Drink about three cups a day if you can for three days.

Just add some ginger, honey and lemons in water

A delicious folk remedy called FIRE CIDER is easy to make from home as well. You just need:

Fresh garlic

Horseradish root

Ginger root


Lemon juice

Raw honey

Turmeric powder

Jalapeno pepper

Cayenne pepper

Sea salt

You can grind these in a blender or slice them thin. Allow them to soak in water overnight for best results. Strain and drink. This drink has an amazing savory flavor that makes it quite popular. It also kills parasitic infections.

A Fire Cider Drink

2.  Yoga and Breathing Exercises

Doing yoga and deep breathing every day will also rid your organs of toxins. People usually don't take deep breaths and are in a constant state of oxygen deprivation. 80% of our body's toxic waste is eliminated through breathing. Qi gong, yoga, tai chi and stretching will stimulate your lymphatic system and encourage deep breathing. If you practice deep breathing for 5 minutes a day and do just 10 minutes of stretching or yoga poses you will notice a difference in your liver and kidney health.

3.  Detoxifying Supplements & Herbs

Here are some tested remedies for liver and kidney detoxification:

1.Milk thristle ( also known as St.Mary's Tristle) : is a herbal supplement that guards, protects and detoxifies the kidney and liver from all types of damage. e.g. Alcohol.

2.Dandelion Root: A herb with a long history of medically use to treat kidney and liver disorders. It is used to clean and detoxify the liver and promote bile production. 3.Schisandra: A traditional Chinese herb used for multiple purposes which include treating liver diseases ( hepatitis) and protecting the liver from poisons. Schisandra stimulates proteins in the liver and promotes growth.

4.Antioxidant vitamins C, E: You body depends on vitamins C for tissue and wound repair, immunity, and maintenance of your bones. Both vitamins C and E acts as antioxidants which ward off free radicals that damages your cells and also prevent cancers and diseases.

5.Zinc : An essential material for the liver and kidneys as it aids the growth and development of the immunity system for both.

6.Selenium: An antioxidant nutrient which protects the kidneys and liver from the damages of free radicals. It also aids the male reproductive system and is used to prevent all types of cancer.

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