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Australia New Zealand’s Top 15 Natural Beauty Products

Sunday, June 12, 2016 6:55:43 PM Australia/Sydney


We all like to buy as locally as possible, don't we? Not to mention the reduced shipping costs that buying from Australia and New Zealand brings. But when it comes to beauty products, there are so many brands that it can be difficult to know which are natural, organic, and frankly, any good! So we've put together the top beauty products, along with their brands, so that you can choose only the best for your body. We hope you'll discover some gorgeous products you've never used before or an exciting brand you haven't heard of. Enjoy!

1.  Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

his product itself is the basis of Trilogy's brand. Having seen the effects of rosehip oil on the skin, sisters Catherine de Groot and Sarah Gibbs took it upon themselves to make a change in skincare and to 'bridge the gap between performance and natural'. As well as in other more specialist skincare products, from face creams to tanning lotions, customers can use the oil on its own for treating scars, stretchmarks, and more.

2.  ILUKA Illuminising Pearl Primer

ILUKA is an Australian skincare brand that focuses on anti-ageing. Among the brand’s key ingredients is Manuka honey, which helps the skin to retain moisture -a lack of which is a key cause of skin ageing. The Illuminising Pearl Primer contains Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil and plumps and firms the skin, whilst leaving a sheer glow.

3.  Karen Murrell True Love Lipstick

For Karen Murrell, 'it is natural or nothing'. These are words the brand lives by too, as their lipsticks are made from avocado oil, evening primrose oil, carnauba wax, and other lovely natural goodies. They offer a wide range of pretty shades; our favourite is True Love, a hot red that's sure to get noticed!

4.  Evodia Coconut Lime Body Mist

Australian-borne Evodia is a product range full of gorgeous ingredients like jasmine, mango, Tasmanian lavender, and coconut, among many others. Their Coconut -Lime Body Mist is no different, offering a light, tropical scent to brighten up even the dullest of days!

5.  Nude by Nature Flawless Pressed Powder Foundation

Nude by Nature prides itself on being cruelty-free and PETA certified, as well as offering products that are free from the nasty toxins so often found in beauty products. Their product range is wide, and includes this mineral powder foundation, which offers medium to full coverage and a matte look, lasting up to 8 hours.

6.  Inika Certified Organic Lip Cheek Cr'egrave- Rosehip

When Inika say they're natural and organic, they really mean it. The website offers a huge list of ingredients they don't use (and isn't it usually the other way round? How refreshing!), as well as a list of their various certifications. It looks good too. This lip and cheek balm could not look more appealing, and will give that dewy, rosy glow that you just don't get from a powder blusher. And the rosehip? Amazing for your skin.

7.  MOR Marshmallow Hand Body Milk

MOR is a 2001 established beauty and skincare brand, with it's own unique style in terms of look and feel. Luxurious scents, rich textures, and beautiful packaging are what sets this brand apart. And if you can resist the look of their Marshmallow Hand Body Milk, you're much stronger than us!


8.  Sunescape Perfect Tan 365 Pack

Sunescape is an Australian-owned brand that specialises in sun-free tanning products. Their offering is a range of great quality self-tanners that don't streak or look orange, and that are free from the toxic nasties that so often go hand in hand with self-tan products. They offer a great home package that includes the Self-Tanning Mousse, Gradual Tan Extender, Tan Application Mitt, and a cute bag to keep it all together. Bargain!

9.  Perfect Potion Neroli Water

Perfect Potion is just that-a collection of perfect potions with delicious scents, nourishing oils, and more. Their Neroli Water gently refreshes the skin while scenting it with gorgeous orange blossoms. Other offerings include facial masks, massage oils, cleansing lotions, pulse point scents, and much, much more.

10.  Billie Goat Soap Intensive Eczema Psoriasis Balm

Can you help but love that name? Billie Goat Soap is an Australian brand offering a range of soaps, moisturisers, baby products, and haircare products, all derived from goats' milk. Goat's milk has shown profound effects on skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis, and this intensive balm is the mother of all treatments, as it's applied directly to the affected area.

11.LUMA Cosmetics Flawless Concealer

LUMA Cosmetics was founded by Australian supermodel, Jess Hart, and the products are made from natural ingredients to create natural looks. Hart's Flawless Concealer is just that -flawless. It contains light-reflecting pigments to help to even out the skin tone and cover blemishes. It even contains protective Vitamin E and soothing Calendula Oil to nourish your skin whilst it covers. Oh, and how pretty is that packaging?!

12.  Lanocreme Placenta Facial Cream

Lanocreme, from New Zealand, offers a wide range of mainly lanolin-based skincare products. Lanolin is the rich oil that is extracted from sheep's wool, and it can be very beneficial for the skin. Other key ingredients are Manuka honey, collagen, aloe vera, and placental protein. Placental protein offers an incredible source of nutrients to the skin, and is present in this facial cream, which revitalises and renews the skin.

13.  Living Nature Mineral Eyeshadow- Pebble

Living Nature refers to itself as being'100% Natural. Uniquely New Zealand'. It uses a range of 'hero' ingredients, which include harakeke, kelp, and Manuka oil, among others. Their eyeshadow range, which includes the Pebble eyeshadow, is coloured using pure minerals and offers a variety of shades.

14.  Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

Antipodes is the brainchild of New Zealand born Elizabeth Barbalich, whose science background makes her the perfect creator of an award-winning, organic skincare brand. Their light but luxurious eye cream provides the skin with Vitamin C to repair damaged tissue. The beautiful packaging isn't too shabby either!

15.  Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Created by German husband and wife team Jurgen and Ulrike Klein, who moved to South Australia just for this purpose, Jurlique products are based on alchemy, homeopathy, and herbal medicine. The Herbal Recovery Serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase skin elasticity, with its active ingredient Naturadiance PB18+ doing most of the heavy lifting here. Other antioxidant ingredients work to protect the skin from the outside elements.

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